Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)

Mr Tekeli strongly believes that a successful rhinoplasty procedure should result in a natural-looking nose that should be pertinent to the patient’s facial features in addition to normal function. As a facial cosmetic surgeon, his approach will take into account patient's facial structures and harmony. The ideal proportions of the face in relation to the nose is a crucial factor whilst planning the cosmetic surgery of the nose. Rhinoplasty is a challenging operation which should be conducted by a specialist ideally with a plastic nasal surgery interest. Mr Tekeli has an interest in plastic and reconstructive nasal surgery and has established the complex reconstruction service for the NHS patients in East Kent.


The first time aesthetic surgery of the nose is known as primary rhinoplasty. This is the ideal stage the shape and function of the nose to be altered as the tissues will have the potential to heal and recover better. Mr Tekeli is keen on spending extra time with the patients before cosmetic surgery as he believes it is crucial that individuals should have complete understanding of the objectives. If primary rhinoplasty is conducted by a specialist with precision and artistry, then the results would be satisfactory. Mr Tekeli's attention to fine detail helps him achieve successful outcomes. 


Revision rhinoplasty is an aesthetic nasal surgery performed on a patient who has undergone prior nasal surgery resulting in problems warranting a second procedure. The patient may be unhappy with the cosmetic result, the function of the nose or both. Commonly, this represents a challenge to the facial plastic surgeon and advanced rhinoplasty techniques will be required. Mr Tekeli has got experience in reconstruction and revision techniques commonly utilised for these procedures. The surgery takes longer and the scarring from the previous procedure makes it less predictable. However, the reconstruction off all the necessary structures along with the attention to fine detail can result in an acceptable, functional and aesthetically pleasing outcome.


Functional rhinoplasty differs from cosmetic rhinoplasty. The main goal is to alter the anatomy of the nose to relieve nasal obstruction. This typically requires rebuilding the area at the junction between the lower third and middle third of the nose, elevating the nasal tip, straightening the nose, or a combination of these procedures. While changes in the appearance of the nose are not goals of the procedure, some may be required as a more proportioned nose results in a more patent airway. Mr Tekeli's experience with post traumatic cases helps him establishing a functionally efficient nose which can be be also aesthetically pleasing.


Mr Tekeli's main interest in the NHS is in multi stage complex nasal reconstruction for the defects of the nose following cancer or trauma. He has established the service at East Kent Hospitals NHS University Foundation Trust. He regularly carries out multi stage reconstruction by utilising plastic reconstructive techniques such as pre-laminated flaps, rib grafting, nasal cartilage readjustment, septal surgery and nasal skin. His main objective is reconstructing the nasal defect to the former shape with an aesthetically pleasing functional result. 

  • Primary rhinoplasty

  • Revision rhinoplasty

  • Functional rhinoplasty

  • Complex nasal reconstruction

Rhinoplasty and nose reshaping procedures in Kent carried out by expert cosmetic surgeon Mr K M Tekeli FRCS (OMFS)