Cosmetic Surgery Patient Journey Initial Consultation Kent Facial Surgery and Harley Street London

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation Mr Tekeli will listen to your concerns, find out about your expectations and get more information on your medical history and background. He will take some pictures and will explain the possible options based on initial consultation. This is a good opportunity to get to know your surgeon and establish a rapport. He will answer your questions and give explanations on different techniques. At the end of the consultation, he will produce a report which will give details on different options and possible cost implications.

Second Consultation

In the second consultation, Mr Tekeli will give you further information on the possible options. If feasible, he will produce some morphed images which can show the possible outcomes. However, he believes the morphed images should be only used for the purpose of communication to agree on the objectives of the surgery. He will explore your expectations and will explain how much the expectations can be met with current surgical techniques. He will also explain the risks and benefits of the chosen option in detail with further information on cosmetic surgery and postoperative care in order to start the consent process. 

Cooling-off Period

Mr Tekeli is a Consultant Surgeon and holds specialist registration with General Medical Council (GMC). Therefore, he strictly follows  GMC guidance on cosmetic interventions which came to effect in 2016. GMC suggests a cooling off period for 2 weeks before making a decision to go ahead with surgery. Mr Tekeli thinks this is the time to do more research on your surgeon and proposed treatment plan. You should also discuss your decisions with your family and friends . You can, additionally, consult your GP for further information. If you decide to go ahead with cosmetic surgery, then you can contact with Mr Tekeli's secretary for further  planning and possible surgery dates. 

Book Surgery Date

Before booking your surgery date, you should organise and plan yourself for the surgery as well as post-operative recovery period. During the consultations, Mr Tekeli will give you the indications for possible down time for different plastic surgery procedures. This is the time period you may need to be off work and recover from surgery. You would need to make arrangements with your family and friends. Mr Tekeli's secretary can give you further information and book you for your surgery. 

Pre-Op Assessment

All patients undergoing surgery by Mr Tekeli need to attend a pre-operative check in order to make sure they are fit for surgery. You may need further tests to ensure surgery is safe for you. You will also be explained the necessary Covid 19 measures for hospital admission.If you have any questions regarding your consent form, you can check with our pre-assessment team on the day of assessment. Alternatively you can get in touch with Mr Tekeli via his secretary. 


Day of Surgery

You should be accompanied by a next of kin on the day of surgery as you may be slightly nervous and need some support from friends or family. Mr Tekeli will meet you in the morning of the surgery and will complete the consent process by getting your signature. He will do your markings when you are awake with a marking pen. He will give you post-operative advice. If you have any other questions, you can also ask them on the day of surgery.

 Post-Operative Care 

Mr Tekeli will see you daily at the hospital during your stay. He will attend to your wounds and will make sure an appropriate discharge plan is made for you. He will see you within the first week and remove any stitches. He will then follow you up regularly to make sure the post-operative period runs as smooth as possible. He may want to take some pictures which will be part of your documentation. Should you get any problems during post-operative period, you can get in touch with Mr Tekeli via his secretary. He will make necessary arrangements to see you at the earliest convenience. 


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