Reconstructive Surgery
  • Head & Neck

  • Face

  • Nose

  • Orbit (Eyes)

  • Skin

Mr K M Tekeli, Consultant Facial Surgeon, doing microsurgery for facial plastic reconstruction.

Mr Tekeli undertakes reconstructive procedures regularly as an NHS Consultant Facial Surgeon. He has got special interest in nasal reconstruction. Moreover, his interest in facial and orbital (eye) reconstruction led him to instigate a multidisciplinary orbito facial clinic with his occuluoplastic consultant colleague, Mr Mike Mota. Mr Tekeli solely focuses on head & neck as he firmly believes site specific specialisation leads to better outcomes for  patients. 

Head & Neck

Mr Tekeli is a head and neck cancer surgeon in the NHS. He is involved in resective as well as reconstructive procedures. He regularly takes grafts and flaps from different parts of body to reconstruct facial defects with microsurgery following cancer resections. These techniques can also be utilised for composite defects following trauma to the face. He is one of the few micro-vascular surgeons in the county carrying out this kind of work. He undertakes complex procedures and he is a firm believer in team work regularly working along side his other consultant colleagues. 


Mr Tekeli has an interest in facial reanimation (facial palsy) surgery. He regularly carries out facial reanimation procedures including nerve transfers and static procedures to improve quality of life following cancer surgery which involves sacrifice of facial nerve.

Common procedures include tarsorrhaphy (eyelid ), facelift (modiulus vertical lift) and brow lifts. He endeavours to improve this particular service in East Kent in the long term. 


Mr Tekeli did two fellowships at the end of his higher specialist training in order to establish a nasal cosmetic and reconstructive practice. He is one of the very few surgeons in the country able to undertake whole remit of surgical procedures for nose from cosmetic surgery to complex reconstruction. His skill mix gives him the unique ability to deal with range of complex presentations from revisions to cancer reconstruction following MOHS Surgery. Nasal surgery is very complex and can be unpredictable especially in revision cases. Therefore, focused training and special interest are necessary factors  in order to achieve good outcomes. 

Orbit (Eyes)

Mr Tekeli works with his ophthalmology colleagues regularly in order to improve the quality of life for patients presenting with orbital (eye ) problems. He regularly does orbital reconstruction following trauma cases. In delayed presentations, 3D patient specific implants may be utilised for reconstruction.  In addition, he also deals with cancers of the eye and post cancer reconstruction of eye socket. These procedures require a multidisciplinary team (MDT) approach for which Mr Tekeli instigated a joint clinic with his ophthalmology colleagues. 


Skin cancers are very common in East Kent compared to some other parts of the country. Facial skin cancers require specific reconstructive skills as face is very different from the rest of our body. MOHS Surgery is regularly undertaken in East Kent by our dermatology colleagues. Reconstruction of MOHS defects can be complex and may require multiple procedures and Mr Tekeli has extensive experience in reconstruction of facial defects following skin cancer surgery.